Britta interviews Taylor Brooker: the Open-minded Designer and Artist

11 October 2017 by Christina Barker

Hiya, Taylor! What have you been working on today?

Hi! I’ve been working on a drawing of you as your Chinese animal zodiac for our Meet The Team page on our website!

Britta interviews Taylor

Does that count as an average day at the office since you started working for Snowflake Books?

Not exactly, although my average day with Snowflake does always involve art in some way, I’m usually more focused on design, as it’s not everyday someone new joins our team and we need to update the website! My role is usually to update our social media platforms with graphics to make everything more visual and artistic to reflect the books.

Britta interviews Taylor

What were your immediate thoughts when you saw their ad or when you were writing your application...did you expect your day-to-day work to be impacted by the fact that they are not a strictly Western company?

I honestly didn’t think too much about the fact that they’re not strictly western, as I’m very open-minded and flexible, but I knew if I were to work with Snowflake then I’d definitely learn a lot!

Do you have any background in Eastern culture?  Is that something that could possibly be improved on in arts education or other subjects in schools?

I don’t, other than the fact that I am interested in aspects of Eastern cultures. It definitely is something that could be improved in schools, as I had very little knowledge of Eastern culture, let alone Eastern art! I was always interested in art in school, so I think learning about art from other cultures would have been really exciting. Foreign language studies don’t tend to be very visual so I struggled a bit to learn those in school, but I think if there had been a language class, such as Mandarin, where we learned more visually, e.g. with Snowflakes books, it would have been a lot more interesting and appealing to visual and creative learners.


I know you have been on a holiday to the Far East recently - was the choice of destination in any way connected to your workplace or a coincidence?
What did you learn/impressed you especially?

It was purely a coincidence! I had been interested in going to South Korea for a couple of years and it just happened that, as I was planning the trip, I also joined the Snowflake team. I learned a lot, and was able to see some of the things I’d learned about with Snowflake in real life, such as the nine sons of the dragon hidden on and around the temples!

Britta interviews TaylorBritta interviews Taylor  Britta interviews Taylor

When you do face painting or other creative stuff with kids at your events - what usually goes down especially well?

Face painting definitely always goes well, and I also sometimes draw the children’s Chinese animal zodiacs from the books, which have to be done really quickly - they love seeing their animal come to life on paper.


Has working with the Chinese/Taiwanese artists rubbed off on your style yet?

Definitely. I’ve always enjoyed working in a lot of different styles because I get bored of working in one style for too long and want to experiment, so when I joined Snowflake I wanted to develop a new style that merged my watercolour/cartoon style with the other artists’, so my work fitted with Snowflakes existing style, but was still identifiable as being mine and not a copy of the others.