20 September 2017 by Christina Barker

Snowflake Books Reviews

9 brilliant stories for children celebrating Chinese culture
published by Book Trust
"With the Year of the Rooster fast approaching, Snowflake Books founder Su Yen recommends nine books that will help you celebrate Chinese culture."

Review by In The Play Room

"On the translations, you’ll see that certain words are colour coded. This is a great idea to help if your children are learning the Chinese language, as you can match up the red and green word in Chinese and English to be sure that you recognise it’s place in the translation. It will also help with memorising some of the key vocabulary. You also get a separate useful words vocabulary list at the back, in English and Chinese."

Review from There and Back Again-A Mother's Tale 

"J is delighted with these stories and even more delighted to know the word for ‘horse’ in Mandarin (mǎ)!  I wholeheartedly recommend Snowflake Books to inquisitive readers and parents who are interested to share their love of other cultures with their little ones." 

Review by The Brick Castle
"Snowflake Books are gorgeous, well-written, beautifully illustrated and explain so much! We have all learnt a lot, including my older college-aged children. They are designed for children aged 5-15, but really are of interest to any age group." 

Review by Nine to Three Thirty
"They are lovely story books with great illustrations, which are a great way of introducing a child to another culture.  Another thing he found intriguing was the fact that they are written in Chinese too. This feature is designed for children who are learning Chinese, but it really helped him learn about the way that the Chinese language differs from our own, in particular with its very different writing system." 

Review by dovegreyreader scribbles
"So I thought I knew everything about the Somerset Levels having watched the news for the last month, but predictably Roy Preece had plenty of fascinating things to tell me. For starters, originally transhumance was the order of the day, the Somer settlers would move to higher ground for the winter until eventually efficient drainage systems allowed them to farm the land all year round. But what hard work those were, and what we now all know, there can be no let up in maintenance of drainage channels and ditches. Every field boundaried by a ditch to improve drainage and lower the level of water in the ground, and every ditch had to be 'thrown out' (cleared) annually to forestall flooding."