How Mouse Gave His Name to the First Year (S)

老lǎo 鼠shǔ 如 rú 何hé 当dāng 上shàng 第dì 一yī 年nián 的de 代dài 表biǎo

This is the most well-known legend in the Eastern world about how the Animal Zodiac started. It is the first book of our Stories of Animal Signs series. This book begins with the legend of how cats and mice became mortal enemies. We also learn how thinking outside of the box secured the victory for Mouse. This story is similar to the Tortoise and the Hare which teaches us: slow and steady wins the race. In the case of Mouse, creative thinking gave him the upper hand against the bigger and faster animals to become the sign of the first Chinese year.

Category: picture story book; age 5+

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends; Chinese-English-Pinyin vocabulary.

Format: 279x216; 32 pages; all full colour pages; hardcover; CD.

New edition May 2014;


ISBN: 978-1-908350-21-3.

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