The Door Gods (T)


In this book we learn about mythical spirits, both good and bad, who come from a supernatural world through a tree guarded by golden roosters. When some naughty ghosts wreak havoc on innocent villagers’ lives, the Door Gods bring justice and discipline the naughty ghosts. This traditional belief in ghosts is still an active part of ordinary people’s lives, particularly in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and we can find the portraits of the Door Gods even now on gates and doors to protect the households from evil spirits.

Category: picture story book; age 6+.

Languages: English; Traditional Chinese.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends.

Format: 279x216, 32 pages, full page

colour illustrations, hardcover.

Published February 2012;

GBP 10.99;

ISBN: 978-1-908350-08-4.

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