Mandarin After-school Club (March to April)

Our aims for every child –

To learn basic greetings and useful expressions and words in mandarin.

To discover colourful Chinese culture through stories and traditional activities.

To talk to or write to children in Taiwan to share ideas with each other.

A typical session will include –

Storytelling of traditional stories from the 12 Animal Chinese Zodiac (20 minutes)

Arts, crafts games and activities (20 minutes)

Learn to speak and write basic expressions and words in Mandarin (20 minutes).

Interactive activities –

Paper-cutting; Treasure hunt,

Traditional calligraphy; Poems and Singing in Mandarin,

When, why and how to Dance with the Dragon,

Video language exchange with children in Taiwan,

 …. and more!

The stories from Snowflake Books –

 7th March:  Golden Pig

– for Year of the Pig

14th March: How Mouse gave his name to the First Year

Discover how the years got their names,

21st March: Hit Spring Ox

The legend of how Chinese learned to grow rice.

28th March: Dragon Raises his Head

Discover the power of popcorn!

4th April: Cheeky Monkey

A popular character in Chinese legend.

Learning outcomes –

A ‘taster’ introduction to understanding traditional Chinese culture.        

Introduction to Chinese writing and pronunciation.

Simple conversation in Mandarin.

Understand and share well-loved children’s stories of Taiwan.    

Discover your zodiac animal and write your name in Mandarin.

Book Now!

We invite children aged 7 to 11 to join us on five Thursday evenings for an hour of Chinese fun activities.

From 7 March to 4 April Thursday evenings at 3.30 to 4. 30pm at West Oxford Community Centre (WOCA), Botley Road, Oxford (Five minutes walk from Oxford Station, near Waitrose)

We are offering this wonderful after-school club in five 60-minute sessions at £5 per session. All other materials are provided free. However, if you would like to purchase any of the books we use on the course this flyer will provide you with a 10% discount.

Spaces are limited! First come first served, so please book your child a place now.

Email to for a sample session plan! 

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