Book to see the Special Animal Race

Why did the Mighty Dragon lose the race, but a little Mouse won it?

Meet all the animals who ran in the famous race of The Jade Emperor and see what happened to them.

Book a journey in a Land of Legend

Do you want to know more about Chinese Dragons? These magic words and pictures will take you back to ancient China.

Book to see Chinese Festivals

See how Chinese Festivals relate to nature. Find out how Ancient Tales and Legends show respect for nature in Old China.

Book a course in Chinese talk

Why do 'Too many dragons send no rain'? Why would someone 'Cure a dead horse as it were alive'? Discover yourself how Chinese use many animal sayings in their daily lives.

Book to unlock Chinese Wisdom

Can you guess the wise saying shown in the clever paper-cut picture? Turn the page over to see if you were right!

It's just a book!

But you can start your wonderful journey with just a book.