About Snowflake Books

Who are we? 

We are a group of artists for people and value our independent status. Our international team of writers, translators, editors and artists, are led by Snowflake’s creative Director,  founder and book designer, Su Yen Hu.

At Snowflake Books we make beautiful picture-story books for children, based on well-loved Eastern legends. The characters in these delightful stories have a mixture of good and bad in their lives, but their good qualities always shine through in the end. 

Children will find both sympathy and inspiration from well-loved characters like little Mouse, Silly Billy the Wise Goat, Golden Pig, Big Red Rooster, and many more here.

Snowflake Books cooperates in inter-cultural events for children in leading museums, local schools and libraries through our charitable branch, Dragon Discoveries CIC.

We are currently working on new titles about the English countryside, and a new series for children of Lolo the Wise Dog.