Introducing Britta Bielenberg - an Experienced Senior Journalist with International Outlooks

by Christina Barker on Wed, Oct 11 2017

We would love to give a huge welcome to our newest team member - Britta!
Britta has come on board as our Education Events Organiser for the London area and we are so excited to be expanding our events outside of Oxfordshire. Read more about Britta below.  
Britta Bielenberg

Before becoming a journalist I took a Masters degree in Business Administration. I studied in Frankfurt, Paris and London which fitted in perfectly with my interest in people, languages and cultures from all over the globe. My... Read more

2017 Snowflake’s Super year with Special announcements!

by Stephanie Henwood on Thu, Apr 06 2017

Following a fruitful new year’s period of school visits, museum collaboration and workshops, Snowflake Books were delighted to announce big changes to their organisational structure. This includes the recent recruitment of Christina Barker and Taylor Brooker who have taken on the responsibility of Snowflakes online presence and design work here in the UK.

“Both newly appointed team members have already proven to be invaluable assets to the organisation” Says beaming Snowflaker and company Business Development Manager, Steph. “sharing fantastic ideas and building great companionship with the rest of the team.”

You can read more about Christina and Taylor’s appointments --... Read more

Our team has grown by two!

by Christina Barker on Thu, Mar 30 2017

We welcome our new team members Christina and Taylor. They have come on board to assist us with our social media, marketing and design so keep an eye on our pages for a flurry of activity in the coming months. 


Social media and Marketing Executive

Christina has a background in social media management as well as advanced knowledge of the events industry. She has a keen eye for detail and is a lover of organisation. She will be managing all our social media accounts as well as coming up with a good marketing strategy for the... Read more

Happy Holidays

by Jess O'Shea on Thu, Dec 08 2016


Happy holidays from all of us here at Snowflake Books we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic western New Year. 


In Chinese Happy/Merry Christmas is 'Sheng Dan Kuai Le or 圣诞快乐' in Mandarin and 'Seng Dan Fai Lok or 聖誕快樂' in Cantonese. 

Snowflake Books value the idea of sharing festivals and traditions between cultures and would like to tell you what the season is like in the East.

Although Christmas and the Western New Year is not traditionally celebrated in Eastern culture, as only 1% of Chinese... Read more


by Stephanie Henwood on Fri, Sep 30 2016

Here at Snowflake Books, we would like to wish a very happy Teacher's Day to our many supporting Schools, teachers, Head teachers and Private Tutors.

What are you doing to celebrate Teacher's Day?

This special day of thanks and appreciation is not just celebrated in China and Taiwan, many countries around the world join us today to pay respects to our teachers, though some countries choose to celebrate on a different date. 

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Hungry Ghost Festival 2016

by Jess O'Shea on Wed, Aug 17 2016

Hungry Ghost Festival 2016

The Hungry Ghost Month (鬼月, Guǐ Yuè) is a traditional Buddhist and Taoist holiday held in Asian countries during the seventh lunar month. This is usually celebrated in August or September, depending on the lunar calendar.

The highlight of the month is the Hungry Ghost Festival, which this year is held on Wednesday 17th August.

Hungry Ghost Origami Boat

In celebration of Ghost Month We've provided you with all... Read more

Snowflake Books Bundle and FREE Workshop to Win

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jul 13 2016

An amazing chance to win Snowflake Book Bundle and a free workshop with FundED magazine!

Simply click the link or copy and paste the web address and follow the steps to enter the competition. 

Let us see who will be the lucky one!


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Learning Through Legends

by Suyen Hu on Thu, Aug 06 2015

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