Testimonials from school children in Taiwan

by Suyen Hu on Fri, Jul 20 2018

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Testimonial from a little girl after our London event 2018

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jul 18 2018

This little girl was so keen to write Chinese that she copied out a whole line of writing from the book!

The young girl said she learnt how to write and say Dragon in Chinese. She also learnt how to write Horse in Chinese. The girl seemed to be very happy that she got the book Jade Rabbit to learn about a traditional story for the Year of the Rabbit and learnt some Chinese from the book too. From the Dragon Boat Festival event, she said she learnt about wormwood that is used to protect people from bad things.

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A little girl and her teacher enjoyed our Book Pingxi Sky Lantern

by Roy Preece on Wed, Jul 18 2018

We are naturally delighted to receive this letter and thank the kind person who took the trouble to write it. I too have observed when helping children to read that they have found the Chinese context something novel and interesting when they have perhaps become a little jaded with other books. I may add that this story of the little girl Cherry Blossom and the bandits is one of our favourites and also explains the origins of a popular Chinese festival.

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Testimonials from parents at the New Year celebration at the Oxfordshire Museum 2018

by Suyen Hu on Mon, Mar 19 2018

 Parents and children were very happy at the celebration for the Year of the Dog 2018!

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Testimonials from young children in London 2018

by Suyen Hu on Mon, Mar 19 2018

We had a great time reading and drawing Snowflake stories and dragon dancing with the children of Manorside School in London. It seems the children enjoyed it too!!


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Testimonials from Botley School 2018

by Suyen Hu on Mon, Mar 19 2018

We sang the New Year song in Chinese with the children and shared the story of the New Year Beast. Every child was given a lucky red envelope and we all made lots of noise and danced with the Dragon to drive away the New Year Beast.


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Testimonial from a teacher for the Chinese New Year celebration in London 2018

by Suyen Hu on Mon, Mar 19 2018

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Testimonial from a parent for the Year of the Dog celebration in London 2018

by Suyen Hu on Mon, Mar 19 2018

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What's Good To Do Review

by Christina Barker on Thu, Oct 19 2017

'What's Good To Do' have reviewed 'Five Colour Dog', 'Big Red Rooster' and 'Wan-Nian's Calendar' 

Check out what they had to say over on their website. 




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by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 20 2017

Snowflake Books Reviews

9 brilliant stories for children celebrating Chinese culture
published by Book Trust
"With the Year of the Rooster fast approaching, Snowflake Books founder Su Yen recommends nine books that will help you celebrate Chinese culture."

Review by In The Play Room

"On the translations, you’ll see that certain words are colour coded. This is a great idea to help if your children are learning the Chinese language, as you can match up the red and green word in Chinese and English to be sure that you recognise... Read more

Review by Britta Bielenberg

by Britta Bielenberg on Wed, Sep 06 2017

"If you have already read any of the Snowflake Books you know how they work: they do much more than is obvious at first glance, for instance: they are printed in English and Mandarin; western and Chinese characters. They have text and beautiful illustrations, they appeal to children as well as adults.

The same is true for the memoir written by the director of Snowflake Books, Su Yen Hu: the story is entertaining as well as... Read more

Review from an English tutor: Neville Willmott

by Suyen Hu on Fri, Aug 04 2017

There is a saying in the teaching profession - 'You teach much, you learn more'. It means that, ideally, both student and teacher learn from the teaching/learning experience.

As a teacher of English based in the UK, teaching Chinese children in China using the internet, I have found that using Snowflake titles the saying has particular relevance
Snowflake Books use Chinese myths and legends as the sources for their stories. Chinese children already have some knowledge of the stories. In the books, the stories are told in English and Mandarin, often with a Pinyin version, which is valuable if the teacher... Read more

Review from Little Mandarin Classes

by Stephanie Henwood on Tue, Feb 28 2017

"At Little Mandarin Classes we thoroughly enjoyed “The Story of The New Year Beast”. As we always say, the art on all Snowflake resources paired with the bilingual story-telling and CDs are a delightful way for both children and adults to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture. Everyone should have a Snowflake at home!” 

Little Mandarin Classes

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Testimonials for Snowflake's events and workshops

by Stephanie Henwood on Fri, Feb 17 2017

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Wonderful Review of Cheeky Monkey by Gracie

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Oct 31 2016

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Dear Su Yen review

by Stephanie Henwood on Tue, Sep 06 2016

I have been busy familiarising myself with Chinese culture and during a meeting one day, stumbled upon the book, ‘Dear Su Yen’.

I have always been fascinated by eastern culture; To me it is complex, beautiful and interesting and I have found myself gripped with wanting to understand eastern beliefs and reasoning. 

Some time ago I read Memoirs’ of a Geisha, and considering my usual lack of enthusiasm for reading, I... Read more


by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jul 13 2016

We enjoy this fantastic review from There and Back Again-A Mother's Tale. We feel so happy and encouraged to read that the stories with beautiful and expressive illustrations are always enjoyed by both children and parents!


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In the Play Room Review

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jul 13 2016

Thank you for all the kind words from In the Play Room.

"The illustrations are really lovely and colourful, and grabbed my boys interest straight."

"It’s interesting to read these stories with the children, as we all didn’t know about these traditional Chinese legends before reading the books. "

"If you want to learn more about Chinese culture and the Chinese language, then Snowflake books are definitely a great resource to use! "

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