Fun Activities

How can you use our books to teach your Children (and yourself!) a little Mandarin?

by Lorna Snowflake on Wed, Sep 19 2018

Read the story to your child in English. If your child can read, ask them to read a highlighted/coloured word to you aloud. Then ask her to find a word in the same colour in Pinyin (this is the English version of Chinese words). Try to pronounce the word together. It really doesn’t matter if you aren’t 100% accurate – it’s just fun to have a go.

If you’d like to check your own pronunciation you can use Google translate ‘English to Simplified Chinese’. Type in the English word and it will show you the Pinyin and the character. Press... Read more

Dragon Boat Race Game

by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 05 2018

Have you ever made a dragon boat and had a race like these children?
They had lots of fun at one of our workshops in Oxfordshire.
Join in with the game by attending one of our events.
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Decorate Your Envelope With Chinese Calligraphy

by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 05 2018

See how to decorate your envelope with real Chinese writing! Taiwanese writer Su Yen will show you how to write Chinese characters with a traditional brush pen in the video below.
Why not come along to one of our workshops and discover this fascinating new skill and many other things. 


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Draw A Chinese Dragon

by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 05 2018

Mums had a lot of fun learning to draw a Chinese dragon bit by bit with our brilliant artist. We think the children enjoyed it too! They produced some very good drawings.
Come along to one of our workshops and have a go too!
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Draw Your Own Dragon Boat

by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 05 2018

The artist was showing children at a primary school in Taiwan how to draw their own dragon boat. The children drew the Dragon Boats with not only some traditional characters but also their own imagination.
Why not have a go at drawing your own dragon boat or pop along to one of our workshops
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Make Your Own Animal Mask

by Christina Barker on Wed, Sep 05 2018

The artist shared the characters of Chinese masks with children at a primary school in Taiwan. Children then chose their favourite animal and designed their animal masks.
Maybe you might get to try this at one of our workshops!
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Build The Temple Of The Land God

by Christina Barker on Thu, Aug 30 2018

Have you seen our temple of the land god at one of our workshops before?
Have a look at how we did it on the video below and try to make a temple yourself by coming along to one of our workshops


Temple of the land god


Step 1 - Colour or paint the various sections of the temple

Step 2 - Cut out the temple parts carefully. You may need an adult to help you. 

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12 Animal Trail in Oxford!

by Suyen Hu on Sun, Apr 08 2018

Can you find all the 12 animals of the Eastern Zodiac in Oxford? This map shows you some places to look. Some are real; some are statues. We think you can find them all.

Remember, Jade Rabbit was very good at disguise! Silly Billy may look like a Ram, or perhaps like a Unicorn! Five colour Dog turned into a handsome man with a face like a dog! Read about all the animals with Snowflake Books Animal Signs series.

When you find your animal tick the box and write where you saw it. There are... Read more


by Roy Preece on Sun, Mar 11 2018


1930 Jan. 30,       01-30-1930 ~ 02-16-1931    Horse

1931 Feb. 17,       02-17-1931 ~ 02-05-1932    Ram or Goat

1932 Feb. 6,         02-06-1932 ~ 01-25-1933    Monkey

1933 Jan. 26,       01-26-1933 ~ 02-13-1934    Rooster

1934 Feb. 14,       02-14-1934 ~ 02-03-1935    Dog

1935 Feb. 4,         02-04-1935 ~ 01-23-1936    Pig

1936 Jan. 24,       01-24-1936 ~ 02-10-1937    Rat or Mouse

1937 Feb. 11,       02-11-1937 ~ 01-30-1938    Ox

1938 Jan. 31,       01-31-1938 ~ 02-18-1939    Tiger

1939 Feb. 19,       02-19-1939 ~ 02-07-1940  ... Read more

Cheeky Monkey word search

by Stephanie Henwood on Thu, Sep 21 2017

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Jade Rabbit Paper Doll FREE download

by Suyen Hu on Sun, Jun 18 2017

Click here to download the sheets and print them on A4 paper.

Do you know Jade Rabbit loves to wear different clothes wherever she goes? Do you know why Jade Rabbit has so many different clothes and often rides on different animals? The ancient legend from Old China will tell you why. Enjoy the fun craft activity with your children and dress up your own Jade Rabbit while reading the story from the book Jade Rabbit! Please watch the full video to learn how to make your own Jade Rabbit paper doll at... Read more

Red Cross Competition

by Suyen Hu on Wed, May 10 2017

Red Cross Competition
Snowflake Books love to help charities and so for Red Cross week starting 7th May, we have set up a fun little game. All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page and make sure you 'like' our page, look at our map and tell us where you think the cheeky monkey has hidden red roosters bow.
Click on one of the 5 options below, fill in your details then a link to donate will be sent to you and you... Read more

Make your own Rooster Kite

by Suyen Hu on Sun, Jan 22 2017

Step 1. Save and print out this rooster colouring sheet on one A4 sheet.

Step 2. Get your colouring pens or pencils, a stapler, a puncher and a string about 1-1.5 metres long ready. 

Step 3. Watch the video.

Step 4. Give it a go now!

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Make Your Own Dancing Dragon

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Jan 16 2017

Step 1. Save and print out the two pictures of the dragon on two A4 sheets.

Step 2. Get your scissors, colouring pen or pencils, two sticks and sellotape ready. 

Step 3. Watch the video.

Step 4. Give it a go now!

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How to write Dragon in Chinese

by Suyen Hu on Thu, Jan 05 2017

Chinese writing developed from symbols, sounds or pictures. If you look at the red dragon and the black drawings of a dragon perhaps you can see how the writing can look a bit like a dragon.


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