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Mandarin Clubs at a school in Oxfordshire

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jul 26 2017

Our most worthwhile project is to encourage children from schools in England and Taiwan to talk to each other about the same stories based on traditional Chinese culture using Snowflake Books and worksheets. It’s really exciting to see children overcome their shyness and become confident to speak from the other side of the world with different cultures and languages. We not only use our books, but also games and crafts tailored to children’s interests and creativity.

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Little White, Little White, what a beautiful name!

by Suyen Hu on Thu, Jun 29 2017

I arrived at the school today and put the books the girls have chosen to read on the table. I was reading and waiting for the first girl to come when some pupils walked by the table. Some of them stood behind me and looked at the picture book Daughters of the Land God for a few minutes. One even tried to pick up the book. When I turned to them, one ran away and one was still looking at the book. ‘Do you want to read the book?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ she said, and wanted to hold the book,... Read more

A little dog and a big dog who built an aeroplane

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jun 28 2017

Bella brought her own book to share with me. Bella is ‘The Little Girl Who is Shy’. Her book was about a little dog and a big dog who built an aeroplane to fly to find a place for a picnic. She seemed to love the story and the pictures a lot.

When the little dog put all the buttons on the dashboard, she forgot a button on the kitchen table. Bella looked at the picture quietly and suddenly said, ‘I know the story now, I think she forgot to put the landing button.’ I was not sure why she... Read more

Learning through local food!

by Suyen Hu on Wed, Jun 28 2017

Children told us they love to know about Chinese food so we planned to share the story of the Chinese Farmers’ Calendar with them so they could get a better idea about life in the East and of course what people eat and how they celebrate Chinese New Year with plenty of food after a hardworking year.

The story is based on a little boy who misses his grandfather very much and found his grandfather’s diary on an old chair. He reads and reads the notes, and all the memories... Read more

Teaching Mandarin with Snowflake - My Experience!

by Taylor Brooker on Wed, Jun 28 2017

We’ve now completed 6 of 8 Mandarin sessions at a local school, teaching Mandarin and the Chinese culture/stories, so I wanted to write about my experience! As an artist, I work behind-the-scenes almost all the time and had very limited prior experience of working publicly, let alone helping teach children more about the Chinese culture, so I had no idea what the school clubs would be like. However, I was surprised straight away by the children’s enthusiasm and their willingness to learn and get involved. Most of them had no prior knowledge of any Mandarin, but from the very first... Read more

Red Bottom Horse Monkey

by Suyen Hu on Tue, Jun 27 2017

Katie chose to read Cheeky Monkey, but didn’t pay much attention to the Chinese language. Katie is 'The Little Girl Who Loves Cats’. She was colouring a cat picture as she loves cats so much. But she kept turning her head to see the pictures and told me the story when I was reading the story to her.

She seemed to be attracted by the monkey’s red bottom and giggled when she saw the red bottom from the pictures. As the Monkey was very big, much bigger than any other animals, I asked her if the... Read more

Every child is talented to learn and read

by Suyen Hu on Fri, Jun 23 2017

Every child has his or her talent to learn and read. With a little bit of patience, properly designed books, and without underestimating their talent and, therefore, no labelling of learning difficulties, all of them will be able to read not just the beautiful English language but also the seemingly impossible Chinese!

I was so interested to see how the traditional Chinese legends, especially Cheeky Monkey and Little White, really engaged the children’s sympathies, which is what good art should do. I have always thought that this is the strength of these apparently simple ancient legends, which... Read more

How big is Cheeky Monkey?

by Suyen Hu on Thu, Jun 22 2017

It was my second week at the school to read with the girls on a one to one basis. Two children chose to read Cheeky Monkey for the day’s reading as they were so excited to see how cheeky the Monkey was! At the very beginning of the story, it says: ”Cheeky Monkey is a very big monkey”. The first girl I met was Evie. I think of Evie as ‘The Little Girl Who Loves Reading’. Evie read the story and said: ‘Let me guess how big it is. I think, it will be from the... Read more

Learning through legends, learning with Snowflake Books

by Suyen Hu on Thu, Jun 08 2017

As part of my voluntary work at a local school, helping children to read, I went to see the year three children (aged seven to eight years) for the first time today. I realised they all could read our Animal Signs books easily without any difficulty! That’s good, because the books are meant for children aged five to seven. When the children were reading the story, they also looked at the Chinese characters and told me the meaning in English word by word because they've seen the English texts next to the Chinese texts. I didn't even need to tell... Read more

Lights of Safety & Blessing

by Suyen Hu on Tue, Feb 14 2017

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Colour Your Animal

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Jan 16 2017

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Chinese New Year & The Beast

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Jan 16 2017

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Five Flower Horse in Taiwan

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Jan 16 2017

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What do children in Taiwan know about England?

by Jess O'Shea on Mon, Jan 16 2017

Snowflake Books bringing bilingual learning to classrooms in Taiwan and England, teaching children different cultures and languages with the power of stories and interactive learning experiences. 

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