05 September 2018 by Stephanie Henwood


Isn't it amazing how we can teach our children about other cultures through story?

Whether it be of the picture book or video kind, media is clearly the most attractive way to teach our children in the modern day. This method gives us a way in which we can educate whilst keeping their attention with creative imagery and colourful depictions; because let's face it, attention span isn't that high at the ripe old age of seven, right?

As I sat over breakfast with my gorgeous daughter, Summer, recently watching Disney's original Aladdin, it was only then that I realised the full potential of this true classic;

Aladdin even goes so far as to instil the feelings of resentment that women felt, back in the day, regarding their rights to choose. These feelings of which have been negatively publicised over recent years to draw attention to them and attract the positive changes that continue to become experienced.

Aladdin tells of the princess and her father who is trying to set her up for marriage “as the laws state's” she must marry by her next Birthday and how this makes her feel; the contradiction to what she really wants, which of course is to find true love.

I never noticed this obvious education of Aladdin as a youngster and now I know where my first snippets of knowledge came from!

Snowflake Books too, offer this wonderfully sympathetic education to real life and culture. Just like Disney, snowflakes animal signs series, in particular, create an enchanting setting for which a gentle lesson can be learned.  Five Colour Dog, for example, tells of a loving tale between the dog and the princess and how their desires to marry were eventually granted due to the dog’s ability to change.

Watching Disney’s Aladdin particularly reminded me of Snowflakes, ‘The Dragon Princess’ from their ‘Chinese Festival Series.’  This story tells of how admiration and honour for the Princess mean that Liu – Yi goes out of his way to help her escape the terrible situation that her husband (from an arranged marriage) has placed her in. 

If you love Disney classics and are looking for something new, interesting and educational for your children to enjoy, why not browse the Snowflake Books offerings and see what takes your child’s fancy? Just because they are based on traditional Chinese Culture, does not mean that you cannot enjoy them too.  Just like Disney’s Aladdin that is said to be based in the Middle-East with its Arabian characteristics.