Britta interviews Christina Barker: the Social Media Organiser

11 October 2017 by Christina Barker

Hi Christina! What was the job description at Snowflake Books that you applied for?

It was originally for the social media executive which was fun to do. A few months into the job Steph - the business development manager left to go on maternity leave so since then I have taken on a lot of the jobs in her role to cover her leave and so became the sales and marketing manager instead with Taylor covering some of my social media jobs.

My job is to maintain the website and oversee a lot of the social media. I am always coming up with new and exciting ideas for Snowflake Books to increase their sales and make the process of purchasing our books easier.


Did the fact that Snowflake Books is a British company but aims to promote traditional Far Eastern culture have any impact on you? If so, in what way?
Did you have any knowledge at all about Asian culture or language?
Did you think being of different background might get in the way of working for Snowflake Books or be helpful for them?

No, this didn’t bother me in the slightest.

I had no knowledge at all about either no but now I have learnt a lot more.

I did think that it may have been more difficult to get my opinion across but actually it’s been fine. Once things are explained from both sides we have a mutual understanding.


You have now worked for Snowflake Books for a few months….what have you learned/picked up?

I have learnt all about the Chinese zodiac signs mostly. I know that the Chinese have many different festivals which they celebrate and I have also found out a lot about how they live such as all the buildings over there are very new whereas over here we have mostly old buildings.

Britta interviews Christina


Have you started reading Snowflake Books to your children? Do they like them?
Which is their favourite?

Yes, I have read a few of them to my little boy who is 5 years old. He finds them really interesting and likes how colourful they are. I think his favourite is the cheeky monkey. He was interested to find out where each animal came in the race.


Would you say that Snowflake´s gentle and all-round cultural education has made you more open and interested to learning about what seemed exotic and faraway countries and people? 

Yes. When I first joined I was interested to learn more about it all so that when it comes to posting on social media I was able to answer any questions our followers may have had.