Never too little to teach!

27 July 2017 by Suyen Hu

Katie who loves cats chose a fairy story because there was a missing cat in the story. She said she knew where the cat was, but wanted to read the whole story to see if she was right.

I read the story slowly to her as she was colouring a picture of a cat. Sometimes I was not so confident to pronounce some words like Jack, pan and factory, she would turn her head to read the book and help me to say the words confidently. I love that because this was a relaxing way to improve my English pronunciation and even to learn more words with no pressure. Katie coloured her cat picture while listening to the story and sometimes read a bit for me with delight.

‘I know where the cat is! She is missing to catch the goblin and to look for the fairy’s feather!’ Katie waived her hands with the colour pencil in her hand. ‘Oh, really? But we haven’t gone that far. Should we carry on the story next week and see where the cat is?’ I asked when the reading time was over. ‘Yes! I love cats!’ Katie said happily. ‘Do you want to write something for your cat beside the picture?’ I asked. Katie said: ‘I want to draw a cat here and lots and lots of hearts around the cat, and then I’ll write ‘I love cat” here!’ She took a pencil and started drawing her cat beside the coloured cat with lots of hearts and love.

*The child's real name has been changed.