Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival at OYAP

13 July 2018 by Christina Barker

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival at OYAP
Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival! Here children can listen to famous stories about Chinese Dragons and have fun making traditional aromatic bags for good health, dragon boat models and dragon masks, learn how to draw dragons, and take part in Dancing with the Dragon.
See the exhibition of original drawings done by children in Taiwan that show you what our traditional Dragon Boat Race looks like. The Animal Masks and drawings of dogs and dragons also done by children in Taiwan are well received by British children at our various events.
Have fun too with the dice and board game to experience the famous Jade Emperor's Great Animal Race, and make model Dragon Boats and race them with your friends!
The exhibition is free; but if you would like to discover more then why not bring your children to some of our workshops? Only £5 per afternoon activity. Numbers are limited so please reserve your place by telling us if you are coming in the afternoon and the date(s), or you can just turn up on the day if there are spare places.

Wednesday 15th August
2-2.30 Storytime: Dragon Raises His Head. 
2.30-3.30 Paper dragon boat making,
3.30-4.00 Model dragon boat race on the floor or on tables.
4.00 – 4.30 Dance with the Dragon, with traditional Chinese gong and drums.

Thursday 16th August
2-2.30 Storytime: Huang Chao Keeps his Promise,
2.30-3.30 Aromatic bag making with Chinese herbs. These are hung around children’s necks for good health in hot summers. 
3.30-4.00 Chinese writing time: learn to write some Chinese to decorate your aromatic bags. 
4.00 Dance with the Dragon, with traditional Chinese gong and drums.

Friday 17th August
2-2.30 Storytime: Nine Sons of the Dragon.
2.30-3,50 Drawing with the artist: Draw your own Dragon! 
3.50-4.00 Chinese writing. Write Dragon in Chinese,
4.00 Dance with the Dragon, with traditional Chinese gong and drums.
Please pay for your tickets on the day.
Join us at 
OYAP, Cemetery Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6BB
The fun starts at 2 pm.
With so much to do, which activity will be your favourite?

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