Top 5 facts about Chinese New Year

28 January 2016 by Suyen Hu

Did you know that Chinese festivals take place according to the lunar calendar?

The New Year starts on the first new moon after the sun enters the constellation of Aquarius. This system helps to keep the lunar calendar in step with the solar calendar. The traditional farmers’ work calendar divides the year into twenty-four fortnightly periods starting from New Year. 

Did you know that the most important meal of the whole year for Chinese people is the family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve when every member of the family tries to get home to sit down at the same table? Chinese attach great importance to eating together, when it is hoped any bad feelings will be put aside and good feelings prevail.

Did you know that Chinese people worship their ancestors on the Chinese New Year’s Day? Confucian philosophy places great emphasis on family values of respect and loyalty and this is reflected in respect for ancestors.

Did you know that married Chinese ladies are supposed to pay visits to their own families on the second day of the New Year, but not the New Year day? This reflects the traditional custom that a daughter-in-law’s loyalty lies primarily with her husband’s family. 

Did you know that the whole festive season for Chinese to celebrate the New Year ends on the 15th day of the New Year, which is the time of the stunning Lantern Festival when hundreds of sky lanterns are launched into the night sky in Taiwan? The origin of this colourful festival lies in the true story of how the villagers of Pingxi evaded the bandits who occupied their village at New Year.