Dear Su Yen review

06 September 2016 by Stephanie Henwood

I have been busy familiarising myself with Chinese culture and during a meeting one day, stumbled upon the book, ‘Dear Su Yen’.

I have always been fascinated by eastern culture; To me it is complex, beautiful and interesting and I have found myself gripped with wanting to understand eastern beliefs and reasoning. 

Some time ago I read Memoirs’ of a Geisha, and considering my usual lack of enthusiasm for reading, I was very much the book worm whilst reading this.  I have also read my Feng Shui book from front cover to back!

I love to find a deeper meaning in all we do and to find faith in something so tranquil.

For me, reading Su Yen’s book was a great opportunity to understand our company director on a deeper level and to know of her journey from a bright young girl across the seas to company director in the UK only adds more substance to what we do.

The team here often talk of the fascination they have for the English culture. It is quite inspiring that they should portray so much interest but as I further continue my journey of learning about Eastern history and beliefs, I really can’t understand why they find ours so interesting.  Eastern culture is deep, meaningful and totally fascinating.

The very reason I believe that we as a human race should invest more interest into other cultures is because we can learn so much from one another.  Su Yen will thank her opportunity to study in Oxford and her good friend and tutor, Roy, for mentoring her and helping her to develop her abilities to communicate with others.  I will, no doubt, be thanking the Snowflake team; Suyen, Lihui and Roy for the wonderful opportunity they have given me to gain a deeper understanding of the what’s and why’s of Eastern culture.

I am yet to finish my wonderful journey of front page to back cover of Dear Su Yen but I am looking forward to joining Su Yen on her journey through future pages and will be sad to put it down.

Whether you are a book worm with availability or a novice wanting to get your head into something new, if you have an interest in people and cultures then Dear Su Yen is a cultural inspiration of a read that is well worth making some ‘me time’ for.