For English teachers

How Snowflake Books can help you to teach English to Eastern students?

No matter you are offering one to one English tutorials or having a group of Eastern students in one class, you may realise that sometimes it is hard to explain different word choices for different situations if you want your students learn to express themselves with right yet beautiful English when they communicate with Western friends.

Textbooks based on English culture or news are no doubt some of the best materials for students to learn English. However, it is rather hard for Eastern students to understand and to feel the exactly meaning of each English word or expression as English culture and English language are BOTH too foreign to them.

Once English culture is too far beyond Eastern students' imagination, it would be very hard for Eastern students to enjoy learning English language. 

Therefore, Snowflake Books are designed to provide a solution for this situation and aim to assist English teachers to increase Eastern students' confidence in English learning. And we do receive positive feedback from English teachers who use Snowflake Books as English learning materials for their Eastern students. 

Now, you may wonder how useful Snowflake Books can be for your teaching?

Our stories are shown both in English and Mandarin.

With colour coding for important words and word lists at the back of the books your students will soon pick up the meaning of English words. On the other hand, English teachers will find it useful too to use the colour coding to explain the meaning of the English word in the specific situation according to the story, though the teachers may not have much knowledge about Chinese language. The teachers are encouraged to read Pinyin to lead their students follow the story. As the stories are based on traditional Chinese culture, students shall be able to easily understand the contents which are familiar to them.



Selected books have CDs with the full text in English and Chinese, including the word lists. Your students can simply listen to the English versions of the stories, or they can learn to say many English words with the spoken lists when they are at home.