Five Flower Horse (T)


A thousand years ago, Five Flower Horse was a special dancing horse trained to entertain Emperors and their guests in the Tang Dynasty of China. 

An inspiring story about following your dreams. In the emperor’s race the Five Flower Horse was distracted by his love for dancing and therefore didn’t win. His family was disappointed in him, but instead of letting this defeat upset him the horse becomes determined to pursue his passion of dancing in the emperor's court despite being a war horse. Even though his friends and family disagree with his choice, the horse believes in himself and accomplishes his dream.

Category: picture story book, age 5 +

Languages: English; Traditional Chinese.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends; Chinese-English vocabulary.

Format: 279x216; 32 pages; all pages in full colour; hardcover; CD.

Published Nov 2015;


ISBN 978-1-908350-33-6.

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