Big Red Rooster (paperback edition)

大dà 红hóng 鸡jī

Big Red Rooster couldn’t fly properly like other birds. He couldn’t run fast. How could he finish number ten in the Jade Emperor’s special Animal Race? In the legend there were ten suns in the sky; they took turns to shine on the world each day. Why is only one sun left now? Why does the sun come out every day when Big Red Rooster crows ‘Cock-a-Doodle-Do’ and all the little birds sing their morning songs?

Category: picture story book, age 5 +

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends; Chinese-English-Pinyin vocabulary.

Format: 279x216; 32 pages; all pages in full colour; paperback; CD.

Publishing date April 2016;

GBP 6.99;

ISBN 978-1-908350-43-5.

Also available in hardcover.


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