Cheeky Monkey (paperback edition)

顽wán 皮pí 猴hóu

In Chinese folklore the Jade Emperor was the ruler of heaven. Cheeky Monkey was called Red Bottom Horse Monkey because he was a very big red bottom monkey. In the old Chinese language, horse can mean big. 

This bilingual English-Mandarin picture story book is about how such a cheeky monkey became a special mythical animal. It is also the story for the Year of Monkey and for the Year of 2016.

Category: picture story book, age 5 +

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends; Chinese-English-Pinyin vocabulary.

Format: 279x216; 32 pages; all pages in full colour; paperback; CD.

Publishing date April 2016;

GBP 6.99;

ISBN 978-1-908350-44-2.


Also available in hardcover.




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