The New Year Beast (S)

年nián 兽shòu

From very ancient times there have been many different ideas about what the New Year Beast looks like. Some people say it has a giant head like a lion, but with a huge curved horn on top, and that it has very long hair. Its body is very big and stronger than an elephant. A scary green light glows from its eyes. Its claws are like sickles and its mouth is terribly huge. This story answers the questions: where does this creepy New Year Beast come from? Why does the Beast appear at the time of Chinese New Year? What is the connection between fireworks and such a scary Beast?

Category: picture story book, age 5+

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese.

Feature: illustrated Chinese festivals.

Format: 210x210, 64 pages, full page colour illustrations, hardcover, audio CD.

Published January 2013;

GBP 14.99;

ISBN: 978-1-908350-16-9.

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