The Story of Pingxi Sky Lantern (S)

平píng 溪xī 天tīan 灯dēng

Little Bean and Big Tom welcome Grandpa Sun for New Year. He shows them how to make a special herbal drink to keep them healthy all year. Grandpa Sun is so clever that even the Emperor wants him to be his own doctor. But Grandpa Sun is a good kind man and he prefers to use his skills to help poor people.

Category: picture story book, age 7 +.

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Feature: Chinese legends; Chinese-English-Pinyin vocabulary.

Format: 210x210; 32 pages; papercut- style drawings; hardback; CD.

New edition Nov 2015;

GBP 12.99;

ISBN: 978-1-908350-34-3.

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