Complete Set of Story of Animal Signs

Everyone knows that Chinese give animal names to their years. There are 12 animals and when the twelfth year is over (Year of Pig) the cycle starts again with Year of Mouse. All Chinese children learn the famous legend of how the years got their names; and there are wonderful stories about each animal. Western children can now share these lovely and amusing stories with our series of 12 Animal Sign books.

Chinese believe that the animal year you are born in will influence your character.


Category: picture story book; age 5+

Languages: English and Simplified Chinese with Pinyin.

Feature: illustrated Chinese legends; Chinese-English-Pinyin vocabulary. Format: 279x216; 32 pages; all full colour pages; hardcover and softcover. Includes CD OR QR code*.


* NOTE in keeping with modern practice our latest editions include a QR code instead of a CD. The code gives access to an e-book version for six months and a special rate of only £24 per year to access all our books as animated ebooks online will be available soon.

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