Dear Su Yen (paperback)

A young woman from Taiwan discovers England and discovers herself

by Su Yen Hu and Roy Preece

This is the real-life life story of a young woman from Taiwan, Su Yen, an interior designer who comes to England for further study. She has two ambitions: to find a new meaning for her life which has been broken by her experiences in Taiwan, and to immerse herself in the English culture about which she has read and dreamed since childhood. Overcoming problems of lack of money and the difficulties of engaging with an unfamiliar language and culture, Su Yen achieves both her goals through her discoveries of the beauties and sympathy of English poetry, painting and architecture and of the friendliness of many of the people she meets. Su Yen’s forgotten past is gradually revealed and healed with the magic of English poetry which leads her to see the profound meaning of life.

Publication date: October

Format: Paperback, 2010 125x176, 344 PP.

ISBN: 978-0-9565457-0-1



About the authors

Su Yen Hu trained as a modern designer in Taiwan. Driven by a quest for beautiful yet practical design concepts, she came to Oxford for further studies. Exposure to classical English literature, arts and architecture gradually transformed her perspectives towards design and the world. She is now an author and illustrator.

Roy Preece trained as a scientist and landscape planner-designer at the universities of Reading, Edinburgh and Oxford. He is currently a tutor to overseas students from many countries at Oxford Brookes University School of Built Environment.

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