Flower of The Causses

by Annie Hardacre


This atmospheric short novel is based on true events. An Englishman persuades his reluctant wife that they should go to live in a mountainous area of rural France to escape the distasteful smoothness which he sees as pervading so many aspects of English life. Settled successfully it seems in a remote hill-town in the Causses region the Englishman becomes fascinated by stories of an ancient religious grotto – whether

Christian or pagan is not clear – told to him by locals. Foolishly and obsessively determined to refute their warnings through the rational powers of his mind the Englishman challenges the mysterious grotto leading to unforeseen and tragic consequences. Using simple words and style the prose produces fascinating word pictures which evoke mystery, beauty and emotion.

Publication date: October 2010

Format: hardback, 120x180, 134 PP

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