My Eastern Adventure Colouring book

Begin by writing your name into this special colouring story book and it will carry you straight into the mythical world of old China to take part in its most famous story: The Great Animal Race. The magic journey begins with the miraculous appearance of the legendary Jade Emperor who is holding a grand animal race to decide the names of the 12 Chinese Animal Years. All animals are invited and the first 12 will win a place in the Animal Zodiac. Who will they be?

On your magic journey you will meet every zodiac animal and discover each animal’s character and wonderful adventures. Along the journey you will see the beauty of the traditional Chinese landscape and recognise famous mythical animals which bring blessings and good luck. What’s more, as you colour the animals and read the story, you will learn to speak basic greetings in Mandarin and learn to count too!

Every copy of this unique colouring story book is handmade and bound in a traditional Chinese style, which serves as an ideal introductory fun book to Chinese legends, art and culture. Interestingly every page is decorated by hand with the traditional Chinese personal seals of the artists and author. In ancient China, red seals represented the sole identity of a respectful person and only Emperors could use the largest seal in the nation to symbolise absolute control of the entire empire. Scholars liked to use their own seals to identify their books with themselves. With all the red seals in the colouring book, the illustrators and Snowflake Books are with you throughout the whole adventure. Every seal is original, not a copy! You will find the traditional red ink might be still fresh!

ISBN 9781908350664; A4 210 x 297 x 10 mm; 40 pages. English text.

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