Play With Strangers

by Annie Hardacre

A widow who has inherited a Victorian castle in Scotland and runs it as a hotel attempts to boost trade by arranging a pioneering murder-mystery weekend at the instigation of an American businessman. However, set in the 1980s, the rules of such games are not well-defined and as the participants discover they all have links in their pasts they reveal their

characters and information about themselves which suddenly become very dangerous when a real murder occurs in the castle kitchens. Reality and pretence become dangerously confused and all the ingenuity and courage of the unassuming Jonathon Robson are required to save his attractive scientist wife Christine from prosecution when she is accused of a murder that it seems only she could have committed. The plot is complex with surprising developments; it also explores ideas about human character and especially friendship, trust and loyalty. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy the familiar settings of murder mystery stories.

Publication date: October 2010

Format: Hardcover, 120x180, 238 PP

ISBN: 978-0-9565457-6-3

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