The New Year Beast (paperback edition)

年nián 兽shòu

From very ancient times there have been many different ideas about what the New Year Beast looks like. Some people say it has a giant head like a lion, but with a huge curved horn on top, and that it has very long hair. Its body is very big and stronger than an elephant. A scary green light glows from its eyes. Its claws are like sickles and its mouth is terribly huge. This story answers the questions: where does this creepy New Year Beast come from? Why does the Beast appear at the time of Chinese New Year? What is the connection between fireworks and such a scary Beast?

Category: picture story book, age 5+

Languages: English; Simplified Chinese.

Feature: illustrated Chinese festivals.

Format: 210x210, 64 pages, full page colour illustrations, hardcover, audio CD.

Publishing date: April 2016;

GBP 7.99;

ISBN: 978-1-908350-54-1.

Also available in hardcover.

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