A little dog and a big dog who built an aeroplane

30 June 2017 by Suyen Hu

Bella brought her own book to share with me. Bella is ‘The Little Girl Who is Shy’. Her book was about a little dog and a big dog who built an aeroplane to fly to find a place for a picnic. She seemed to love the story and the pictures a lot.

When the little dog put all the buttons on the dashboard, she forgot a button on the kitchen table. Bella looked at the picture quietly and suddenly said, ‘I know the story now, I think she forgot to put the landing button.’ I was not sure why she said that and we carried on reading the story. The two dogs took off and were flying on their aeroplane. They enjoyed the fine weather and they were so proud of their good work. It was about to land, when the big dog suddenly realized the landing button was missing! How scary! Bella then said, ‘I think she will use her umbrella to go landing because she has her umbrella with her and it’ll be the good choice to be safe if she wants to jump from the aeroplane.’

When I turned the page I saw the little dog was jumping and falling down from the sky with her umbrella! I asked Bella if she read the book before? She said: ‘No, it’s my first read reading the story, but I just know it because I’m a computer scientist!’ She usually is very quiet and didn’t have much confidence when I read stories with her the first week, and the teacher said to me she knows fewer words than other pupils. But she showed her confidence today when she was talking about making the aeroplane and the skills for landing. I feel happy for her and kind of know how to choose books with her. I hope she will have greater joy from reading after a couple of months. 

* The child's real name has been changed.