Celebrate Double Ninth Day

19 September 2018 by Christina Barker

Celebrate Double Ninth Day

Celebrate Double Ninth day!

Only £2 per child and £5 per family to be paid on the day

Your children and/or you will be able to make your own red card with beautiful Chinese calligraphy of blessing words to give as a gift and show respect to your parents or grandparents on the very important day of the Far East.

ALL welcome! Please come and join us for a cultural, fun and educational day with Snowflake Books and The Oxfordshire Museum.

Story reading and other arts and crafts such as colouring in and dancing with our very own dragon will also be taking place.

Join us at 


The Oxfordshire Museum, 14 Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1SW.

  Date: Friday 26th October

The fun starts from 14:00 until 16:00 pm.


2.00 Register 
2.00 – 2.20 What’s Double Ninth Day? 
2.20 – 2.35 Story of the Festival
2.35 – 2.40 Discussion after the very Eastern story
2.40 – 2.55 Dance with the Dragon to celebrate the Festival
2.55 – 3.30 Writing Happy Double Ninth in Chinese 
230 – 4.00 Making a thank you card for grandparents 


With so much to do, which activity will be your favourite?


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We look forward to you joining us!