Hakka New Year Celebration 2020

07 December 2019 by Suyen Hu

Celebrations of ‘Hakka Goddess Repaired the Sky Day’ & the ‘Lantern Festival’. A Celebration of Taiwanese Culture for the members of the Hakka UK Association of Central England and their families, and with a warm welcome to local residents.  

Sunday 9th February 2020 12.30 – 3.00 pm 

At the Kenilworth Sports & Social Club, Montague House, Upper Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth CV8 2PA

£5 per family. Please book your places not later than 2nd February on Facebook, or email: leong671@gmail.com and tell us your name and how many people you will be bringing to the event.

An exciting and varied programme includes:

The three well-known chefs Wen, Guo-Zhi; Hong, Jun-He; and Jian, Wei-Cheng are from Taiwan. They will bring us some delicious Hakka food and drinks (limited supply), and introduce the features of the food and its culture.

As well as the specially made Hakka food and drinks, each family is asked to bring a dish of food to share. Please do not forget to bring your own tableware.

For the Chinese New Year, you can make sun cakes (vegetarian) for your English friends. We have invited Kang Chiao Bakery to teach us how to make the sun cakes. The chef will prepare Taiwanese high mountain tea to go with the cakes. The venue doesn’t have an oven, so every participant will take their semi-finished food back and bake the cakes at home.

This is a limited special event with Kang Chiao bakery and will cost an extra £5/person; reservations are required. Please let us know if you would like to include this when you book your family ticket and include the extra payment.

  1. * Introduction to Hakka Goddess Repaired the Sky Day

  2. Storytelling: The New Year Beast, Ping Xi Sky Lantern.

  3. Dragon Dancing. Dance with our dragon and play drums and gong.

  4. Craft activities: Colouring The Year of Mouse. Lantern Decoration: we are going to decorate the traditional round lanterns with paper cuts and drawings. Write Mandarin calligraphy and learn how to say the words in Mandarin and/or Hakka.

  5. Sayings of Blessings: During the celebration of New Year we should not speak bad words. We have to speak blessings and wish Good Luck to our friends. So we are going to find the blessing sayings in Chinese and English and write them in Mandarin calligraphy on the red paper.

  6. Put all your ideas and your drawings and writing on the SiACA worksheet and get your first SiACA certificate! 

All kids are invited to learn the nursery songs in Mandarin and play instruments

Enjoy the Hakka Rice Dumpling-making Dance performed by children from a local dance class.

Our aims are to discover Hakka culture through these activities, to let the Hakka younger generation know their culture and have awareness of Hakka, and through the activities communicate with local people to appreciate the culture of Hakka too; so that Taiwan Hakka culture can be preserved and continue.


PS. the Hakka UK Association’s members can have a little gift.


Snowflake Books’ and Dragon Discoveries’ mission complements the work of the Hakka Association. We aim to promote the land of Taiwan and its culture in the UK by introducing traditional stories and the many festivals and crafts of Taiwan, especially for children, based on our unique range of bi-lingual story books. We have extensive experience of working in many venues, but we are especially pleased to work with the Hakka Association which shares our aims so closely.


英國台灣客家會主辦 The Hakka UK Association

行政院客委會指導 Hakka Affairs Council, Taiwan