CANCELLATION: Mandarin Art&Language classes at West Oxford Community Centre

28 February 2020 by Suyen Hu

We regret that we have decided to cancel these classes because our artist and principal instructor in Taiwan feels it is better not to fly from Taiwan to England in light of the coronavirus scare whose further development is still uncertain. We support his decision and apologise sincerely to those of you who expressed an interest and to any who were contemplating joining. We and our artists have put a great deal of thought into preparing these courses and we hope to be able to offer them again when times are more certain.

------------------Cancelled Workshops-------------------------

Week 1 04/03/2020 Introduction to Chinese brush calligraphy, traditional paintings and pronunciation.

Week 2 11/03/2020 Elements of traditional Chinese ink painting and appreciation.

Week 3 18/03/2020 Traditional ink landscape painting.

Week 4 25/03/2020 Poetry and seals in traditional Chinese paintings.

Week 5 01/04/2020 Art display and team ceremony.