The Dragon Princess Book Review

04 July 2018 by Christina Barker


The Dragon Princess Book Review
Title: The Dragon Princess (Chinese Festivals Series)
Author and Illustrator: Jin Jie Ye
Reviewer: Christina Barker

On the front cover is Liu Yi, who features in this book as the brave human that saved the Dragon Princess. He appears to be falling after being knocked off his feet by the dragon.

This tale was a great story of bravery and loyalty. Liu Yi is a kind man and this story helps you to think about helping people who are in need. He took the time to do this one important thing for the Dragon Princess and that turned her life around and saved her.

The colours and illustrations in this book are very bright and eye-catching. This helps to entice the reader into the story and feel like you are alongside Liu Yi as he goes on his journey to find the Dragon King. I enjoyed this book and the story within. 


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