Every child is talented to learn and read

23 June 2017 by Suyen Hu

Every child has his or her talent to learn and read. With a little bit of patience, properly designed books, and without underestimating their talent, all of them will be able to read not just the beautiful English language but also the seemingly impossible Chinese!

I was so interested to see how the traditional Chinese legends, especially Cheeky Monkey and Little White, really engaged the children’s sympathies, which is what good art should do. I have always thought that this is the strength of these apparently simple ancient legends, which in fact are very deep. I was pleased, too, to see how naturally the children assimilate Chinese culture and language, which is one ambition I have for our books.

I must say that I didn’t promote the books I designed at all to the children and they don’t know any relation I have with Snowflake Books. I only told the children that I am from Taiwan and my first language is Chinese. They all showed interest in the beautiful illustrations inside the books and in the animal stories to begin with. What’s impressed me even more is that the motivation to learn more Chinese seems to grow stronger and stronger each time I meet them.

You will see all this from the stories I am sharing here.


How big is Cheeky Monkey?

Red Bottom Horse Monkey!

A little dog and a big dog who built an aeroplane.

Little White, Little White, what a beautiful name!

Never too little to teach!

A new language can bring magic!

Coming soon!!

How Silly Billy transformed his body to be a uni-horn goat?

Was Silly Billy ugly?

Jade is King!